Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Imprints, Month of March and more words than you care to read ;)

The imprints on my heart!!!!!
and whats underneath the hand and footprints has turned to complete mush. 
Oh how I love my babes. 

I have said many times during this house building process that we should have done this before kids.  Now I am so glad we waited so these hand and footprints could be forever placed.  They are so beautiful.  I want to cry everytime I look at it.  Being a mom is so amazing and wonderful.

The month of March hasn't been so great for me.  Several times this month I have wanted to bury my head and refuse to come up until I don't feel so overwhelmed.  But my beautiful babies need me so I hold my head up while my feet are in quick sand. 
This is the month of March sum up (if I had time I would add pictures but I don't)..............
  • Hudson turned 2
  • Both babes had bronchitis
  • I took the kids to the doctor a total of 4 times.  Add up the co-pays and medicine and yelp I am broke.
  • Hudson is full-time potty training.  This happened by accident.  He has been very interested since he was about 15 months and we have toyed with using the potty.  Then one day he asked me to stand up and tee-tee like his daddy.  After a lesson or two in helping the boy...........we are now hard at it.  I miss seeing that diaper bottom.   
  • Aubrie is rolling over.  Of course this first took place at Aunt Elizabeth's.  At home she will only go from tummy to back.  At daycare only back to tummy.  She refuses to show myself or Aunt Elizabeth the opposite skill.  Ha
  • Aubrie is already battling heat rash which started last week.   YAY its only April and not even the heat of the summer.  Ugh.........
  • Aubrie has started eating baby food last week.  She looks at me like what the heck have you been waiting on.  There has been nothing and I mean nothing she doesn't like.  Even the green stuff she doesn't check up on.  If I'm not going fast enough she lets me know with a big grunt. 
  • We had both the babes dedicated 
  • Two of my aunts volunteered to come help me clean at the new house.  You better believe I took them up on the offer.  Between the three of us we put a huge dent in it.  No way I could ever thank them enough for their help.   
I do not like the time change.  I know that was so a few weeks ago.  Thought maybe once I adjusted I would like it better....NOPE not happening.  Hudson could live outside.  Aubrie not so much its too hot for her.  Supper needs to be cooked and babes need a bath.  My husband is a work-alcoholic and we don't see him nearly enough. 

And you made it to the bottom....lucky you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I think that is enough for the day. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Boy


Moments after he was born

1st Birthday 

Happy 2nd Birthday Hudson!!!!! 

We love you!!!! 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Showing off my babies ;)

Look at Aubrie.  She is growing way to fast.  This is at her 4 month check...yes 4 month and Monday she will be 5 months.  Where does time go?  I thought it flew by with one baby....ha...I didn't know the meaning of time flying until this angel arrived.  Look at how big she has gotten and too busy to be still for momma to snap a picture.  
 You better believe those cheeks get lots of kisses and then some more. 
Has experienced the bumbo and exercauser life.  You better believe this baby is NOT interested in laying in the floor and playing any more.  She is very clear on her desire of getting out of the floor. 
 Swatches came in for her bedding.  Oh how I am so excited this sweet girl is about to get her own room.  No I'm not excited about her moving out of the room with me but am excited she gets a room of her own and I can decorate it for her. 

 Hudson visited the pediatrician office this month.  He had what I thought was a horrible cough.  Started his inhalers and off the the doctor we went.  Yes I am that mom who runs to the doctor at every little cough.  I love Alexander City Pediatrics and think they are a great and sweet bunch.  They have so much patience with this crazy momma and I am so grateful.  Its not so easy taking a toddler to the doctor.  He wants to push his toys around in the floor and touch all the door knobs and handles in the room.  This momma is freaking out thinking I should have brought the Lysol or Clorox wipes, get up Hudson and don't touch a thing.  As one of the kind employees there told me once...they come in with one thing and then they catch something else while you are here.  UGH!!!  Its one thing to think that but when they say it out loud....they just don't know how paranoid I am.   

I took the kids to Cheyenne's Birthday party Saturday.  We left a little early because Hudson had been promised that his momma would take him to meet up with his daddy at the cow sale.  It was a first for both.  This what they both looked like after a busy Saturday.   

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

If you need me this week I will be the person standing in the corner with the red eyes and tissue.  That is right crying my eyes out because a certain little boy is turning 2 on Friday. 
Thank you GOD these two Miracles and Blessings!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conversations with a 1 year old

I had to drag Hudson away from Aunt Elizabeth's yesterday.  Wait I better clear that up....drag him while he is slamming/throwing puzzles down mad because I am making him leave.....HELLO terrible 2's.  Can we say acting just like his daddy because his momma would never do such a thing ;)  Yes drag him the same kid I had to drag to Aunt Elizabeth's yesterday all the while saying.....I want to stay home and play with my tractors.  Does the kid ever get tired of tractors?  Oh he is Russ's child.  
So Aunt Elizabeth attempts to distract him by showing him the moon.  The moon that could not get out of our sight all the way home last night. 
Hudson: Moon at?
Me:  Up in sky
Hudson:  Me get it
Me:  Well we can't reach the moon.  GOD put the moon high in the sky to help us see at night.
Hudson:  Moon at?  Me get it. 
Me:  Same as above
Hudson: GOD get moon and give it me. 
Me:  What? 
Hudson: Repeats himself...GOD get moon and give it me
Me:  He is?
Hudson:  GOD at?
Me:  GOD lives in our heart and in heaven
Hudson: Heaven at? 

Later last night I am attempting to give Aubrie a bath.  Hudson is in and out of the bathroom playing..........yes you guessed it tractors.

Hudson:  GOD at?
Me:  GOD is in heaven and in our hearts
Hudson:  Heart at? 

This boy is full of questions.  I better start coming up with smarter answers. 

This morning Russ is trying to leave and asked Hudson for a hug and kiss
Hudson's response:  Just a minute, Just a minute.....the kid was busy in the floor playing tractors, hauling hay and feeding hay to the cows. 

Oh how I love conversations with this particular 1 year old.  He melts my heart!!!!

Here Hudson lost in some of his imagination.  Look close...........

My mom was telling me about some deer meat she had in her freezer.  Hudson gets all three of her ceramic deers and takes off.  Not knowing what he is doing and the fact he has ceramic deers we aren't too far behind him.  He starts screaming pan at?  Pan at?  He pulls out all the pots and lids and
Yes he is cooking was our lunch that day...ha. 
Oh how I love this kid.

Monday, February 6, 2012

1 year old

Thanks Elena and Ashley for the tips!!!!
I am still having issues not only is blogger hating on me right now but my computer is doing the same as well as photobucket.  So if you drive by my house and notice a yellow laptop in the road no need to return it...I finally had enough and reached my breaking point.  Who said this new technology age we live in is a good thing. 

So for now camera phone will have to do.  No smart comments about my lack of NEVER having my phone on me.  K...Thanks!!!

So onto better and brighter things.  I took the boy to get a haircut this weekend.  As Mike said its his first "REAL" haircut.  He is so handsome but its a little heartbreaking because it took that baby look away.  Not only did he get a haircut he started putting together bigger sentence afterwards.  So long 2 and 3 word sentences.  Not sure if this momma is ready for all this growing up.  Where is my baby boy?  Wasn't I just pregnant with him yesterday.  So for now I am enjoying Hudson last month as a one year old.  I will no longer be able to say he is so and so months I will be forced to say..........(oh I can't even type it). 

Here is the sweetheart enjoying some ice cream after being such a big boy getting his haircut.  Oh how precious and handsome he is.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Cutest Chick

 Isn't she the cutest little chick in town?  We were waiting to visit our FAVORITE photographer this morning for 3 month pictures.  Isn't she beautiful?   Can't believe she is 3 months old.  Time gets even faster with 2 babies. 

On a different note:
Blogger hates me.  For some reason blogger refuses to let me load any pictures from my home computer.  Does anybody have any pointers or know reasons why it refuses to let me blog from home.  I would appreciate any suggestions.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!!!! 

Well I attempted to add pictures of my beautiful babies but blogger wouldn't let me.  Maybe next time.