Monday, February 27, 2012

Showing off my babies ;)

Look at Aubrie.  She is growing way to fast.  This is at her 4 month check...yes 4 month and Monday she will be 5 months.  Where does time go?  I thought it flew by with one baby....ha...I didn't know the meaning of time flying until this angel arrived.  Look at how big she has gotten and too busy to be still for momma to snap a picture.  
 You better believe those cheeks get lots of kisses and then some more. 
Has experienced the bumbo and exercauser life.  You better believe this baby is NOT interested in laying in the floor and playing any more.  She is very clear on her desire of getting out of the floor. 
 Swatches came in for her bedding.  Oh how I am so excited this sweet girl is about to get her own room.  No I'm not excited about her moving out of the room with me but am excited she gets a room of her own and I can decorate it for her. 

 Hudson visited the pediatrician office this month.  He had what I thought was a horrible cough.  Started his inhalers and off the the doctor we went.  Yes I am that mom who runs to the doctor at every little cough.  I love Alexander City Pediatrics and think they are a great and sweet bunch.  They have so much patience with this crazy momma and I am so grateful.  Its not so easy taking a toddler to the doctor.  He wants to push his toys around in the floor and touch all the door knobs and handles in the room.  This momma is freaking out thinking I should have brought the Lysol or Clorox wipes, get up Hudson and don't touch a thing.  As one of the kind employees there told me once...they come in with one thing and then they catch something else while you are here.  UGH!!!  Its one thing to think that but when they say it out loud....they just don't know how paranoid I am.   

I took the kids to Cheyenne's Birthday party Saturday.  We left a little early because Hudson had been promised that his momma would take him to meet up with his daddy at the cow sale.  It was a first for both.  This what they both looked like after a busy Saturday.   

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

If you need me this week I will be the person standing in the corner with the red eyes and tissue.  That is right crying my eyes out because a certain little boy is turning 2 on Friday. 
Thank you GOD these two Miracles and Blessings!!!!!


  1. Last Friday when I went to pick Reese up Ms. Liz told me that she and Hudson had had an accident. He had opened the gate to the loft and banged Reese in the head. (I have no doubt Reese completely overreacted about the whole deal) As she was telling me about it Hudson looked up at me with really sad little eyes and scooted up under one of the high chairs like he was in trouble! It was so sweet!

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    2. Awww..That is sorta of sad. He was afraid you were going to beat him down for hurting Reese ;) He had that look in his eye when he was telling me about it like he was in BIG trouble. He kept saying I didn't mean too. SORRY he hurt Reese!!!!