Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conversations with a 1 year old

I had to drag Hudson away from Aunt Elizabeth's yesterday.  Wait I better clear that up....drag him while he is slamming/throwing puzzles down mad because I am making him leave.....HELLO terrible 2's.  Can we say acting just like his daddy because his momma would never do such a thing ;)  Yes drag him the same kid I had to drag to Aunt Elizabeth's yesterday all the while saying.....I want to stay home and play with my tractors.  Does the kid ever get tired of tractors?  Oh wait....no he is Russ's child.  
So Aunt Elizabeth attempts to distract him by showing him the moon.  The moon that could not get out of our sight all the way home last night. 
Hudson: Moon at?
Me:  Up in sky
Hudson:  Me get it
Me:  Well we can't reach the moon.  GOD put the moon high in the sky to help us see at night.
Hudson:  Moon at?  Me get it. 
Me:  Same as above
Hudson: GOD get moon and give it me. 
Me:  What? 
Hudson: Repeats himself...GOD get moon and give it me
Me:  He is?
Hudson:  GOD at?
Me:  GOD lives in our heart and in heaven
Hudson: Heaven at? 

Later last night I am attempting to give Aubrie a bath.  Hudson is in and out of the bathroom playing..........yes you guessed it tractors.

Hudson:  GOD at?
Me:  GOD is in heaven and in our hearts
Hudson:  Heart at? 

This boy is full of questions.  I better start coming up with smarter answers. 

This morning Russ is trying to leave and asked Hudson for a hug and kiss
Hudson's response:  Just a minute, Just a minute.....the kid was busy in the floor playing tractors, hauling hay and feeding hay to the cows. 

Oh how I love conversations with this particular 1 year old.  He melts my heart!!!!

Here Hudson lost in some of his imagination.  Look close...........

My mom was telling me about some deer meat she had in her freezer.  Hudson gets all three of her ceramic deers and takes off.  Not knowing what he is doing and the fact he has ceramic deers we aren't too far behind him.  He starts screaming pan at?  Pan at?  He pulls out all the pots and lids and
Yes he is cooking deer....it was our lunch that day...ha. 
Oh how I love this kid.

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  1. How funny!!!! Cooking deer....what they don't come up with!