Monday, February 6, 2012

1 year old

Thanks Elena and Ashley for the tips!!!!
I am still having issues not only is blogger hating on me right now but my computer is doing the same as well as photobucket.  So if you drive by my house and notice a yellow laptop in the road no need to return it...I finally had enough and reached my breaking point.  Who said this new technology age we live in is a good thing. 

So for now camera phone will have to do.  No smart comments about my lack of NEVER having my phone on me.  K...Thanks!!!

So onto better and brighter things.  I took the boy to get a haircut this weekend.  As Mike said its his first "REAL" haircut.  He is so handsome but its a little heartbreaking because it took that baby look away.  Not only did he get a haircut he started putting together bigger sentence afterwards.  So long 2 and 3 word sentences.  Not sure if this momma is ready for all this growing up.  Where is my baby boy?  Wasn't I just pregnant with him yesterday.  So for now I am enjoying Hudson last month as a one year old.  I will no longer be able to say he is so and so months I will be forced to say..........(oh I can't even type it). 

Here is the sweetheart enjoying some ice cream after being such a big boy getting his haircut.  Oh how precious and handsome he is.

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