Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picture update

 Look what I did over MLK day.
And this would be the reason why.  Although Hudson is still allowed to get into this cabinet and one more but I had to have 2 safe ones that is little fingers can't get into.  This is what he does while I attempt to do something n the kitchen. 
 Somebody has had itching gums this weekend + lots of drool.  Surely those teeth are close to coming in.  Or maybe its all in my head.  Either way.....
 Where is Hudson?

Today's photo session.  (Photo sessions were a lot easier when he wasn't so busy).
1st attempt (he was sitting but then took off when I mashed the button)

 Take 2 (at least he is looking my way)
 Take 3...this rocker looks cool
 Take 4.....rocker is ok but I'm not looking
 Take 5...climbing out of the rocker
 Take 6...out of the rocker, going for the camera.  Mom gives up.

Maybe this week I will have better luck at pictures

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