Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A little late......

I am a little late with my post but here are a few pictures from Christmas.  Oh and Happy New Year!!!! 

Hudson hanging out with Uncle Gabe.  We were all so happy that Auntie Amy and Uncle Gabe made it home for Christmas.  We wish them back closer to us (hint hint) :)

Roy and Sue gave Hudson a Christmas card that sings.  He was not very happy the day they brought it reason for no picture (remember Hudson had been sick).  When he finally felt better he couldn't get enough of the card.  He played with the card so much, smiled and danced to it.  Here he is showing his skills off. 

Hudson and Avery Claire were finally able to play Christmas Eve night.  I guess you could call it interacting more than playing.  Hudson played with Avery Claire's toys and she played with his.  Those two were quite funny to watch.  We attempted to get a good (posing) picture but neither child would sit still long enough. 

Hudson pulled Avery Claire's bow out. 

Santa came to visit.
I bought these adorable Christmas pajamas for Hudson.  Only to get them in the mail with a warning label.....Not intended for sleepwear.  Seriously.....why else would you buy pajamas.  So I changed him into them Christmas morning. 

Off to Nana and Pops we go.  Hudson got his eye on his red wagon and that was all he wanted.

First ride in his new red wagon. 
(He is thinking....seriously mom another picture)

Off to Grandmomma and Granddaddy's we go.  Who would have thought his first toothbrush would be such a hit. 
Auntie Amy thought it would be grand to have a good picture of her and Hudson together.  She forgot that he is WAY to busy to sit still for a photo session.  Here is their attempt.  (And yes my child has short sleeves on.  If you have ever been to my parents you know its 1000 + degrees in their house so I had to strip this hot natured little guy.)
Hudson's first Christmas was white.  AMAZING!!!!

Hudson and his dad playing with his new toys. 

Happy New Year!!!!!  All this Christmas partying and New Years stuff made for one tired little boy.  Doesn't he look so growny sleeping on the coach.  Yes that face looks like it needs some kisses on it. 


  1. Looks like Hudson was a very good boy this year! It's so funny that you said that about his short sleeves...I wouldn't have thought a thing about it. Emma had on a tank top at the McCollum Christmas...MawMaw and PawPaw roast us every year! :)

  2. I'm so glad we got to play with Hudson - he's such a cutie! The pj's remind me of a Toys R Us coupon that said it could not be used on toys....what?! Glad Hudson had a great first Christmas. We'd love for you guys to come see us in Rville!!

  3. Jonah had a pair of those pj's, too. And I let him sleep in them. Guess that's what a second child will do for you ;)