Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sick and more presents

I must say what a week.  Tuesday night I posted happy pictures and rejoiced in finding out what baby cuz is.  Things began to fall apart shortly there after.  I noticed Hudson was acting a little different Tuesday night while at Nana and Pop's but I figured it was due to a busy day at daycare and the rush of the evening.  Wednesday morning we woke up not feeling so well.  I called the pediatrician's office in fear of the flu.  Several children at daycare had the flu the previous week and this week.  I was told just to wait and look for a fever.  Well no fever ever came to visit.  Hudson continued to feel bad but seem to be a little better Friday and most of Saturday.  Sunday morning we woke up with a horrible cough.  We stayed home from church in fear of what Hudson had, could catch or pass along to others.  As soon as 1:00 pm arrived I called the pediatrician's office and off we went.  I just hope while visiting the pediatrician's office today we didn't pick up any more germs from the mounds of people visiting.  So Hudson has bronchitis and fluid in both ears.  So yay for germs (note HUGE amount of sarcasm here)....we are sick again.  To those who we may have given this germ to I am truly sorry.  I hate when Hudson is sick....breaks my heart.
Today I am going to be thankful for my job.  Today I am thankful for having that little white and blue card in my purse that helps with the medical care and medicines that Hudson received.  Not only did this little white and blue card get excellent care for Hudson today it also helped me snatch his daddy up over 8 years ago.  We all know the only reason Russ married me is because I have that little white and blue card in my purse.  Thanks BCBS for helping me find a husband.  All that insurance and snatching led to Hudson so I am extra thankful for the little white and blue card.  Ask me again in the morning how thankful I am for this little card when I am leaving Hudson so I go work to continue paying for the little card and all it brings.  I am sure I will be singing the blues because only his momma should take care of him when he is sick.  He will be with his Grandmomma having lots of fun....thanks to E.H. Gentry School and sending all the blind/deaf kids home for Christmas.  What we would do without Grandmomma and Nana?

Friday Hudson had his first Christmas party at Daycare.....I call it Aunt Elizabeth's.  Here Hudson is with Aunt Elizabeth.  I will say he preferred her over me at the party.   I think she has taken part in spoiling this little boy.  I'm not sure how its going to go in January with two new babies.  I know Aunt Elizabeth has enough love for all of them just not sure how Hudson will do having to share :)

Present time....Thanks Rita for the giggling cow.

This present was from Aunt Elizabeth.....Thank you.  We had trouble getting past the name tag but once we got into the box we could not get enough of all the goodies. 

Eating toast for the first time Saturday morning. 

Saturday we had Christmas with Nana's side of the family.  Here is Hudson and Uncle Chad playing. 

Opening more presents.  We are getting really good at this opening presents stuff.  Christmas morning should be lots of fun. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

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  1. LOL! Gotta love that little blue & white card! Poor Hudson! Hope he feels much better! I know you'll be glad when you can spend a few days at home with him!