Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hudson got his first Christmas present on Monday.  His sweet friend Blakeney sent him a special gift.  We let Hudson open it and as you can tell he had a ball.  (Sorry for the camera problems...not sure what happened)

Blakeney gave Hudson a tiger boggin and a Christmas ornament.  The new boggin is just in time for this miserable cold weather we have been having.  Isn't he adorable?

I finally did something right with the camera at this point. 

I ordered Hudson Christmas bedding.  I thought I would share a few pictures. The sheets are flannel which I love. 

Speaking of cold weather and flannel sheets does any body else worry themselves sick that your baby is too cold at night.  Hudson sleeps in his own room which he prefers but I lay awake at night watching the thermometer.  I use to lay awake watching him sleep/breathe when he was in our room now its the temperature I watch.  Nana and Pop picked up a heater for his room the other night which has been a tremendous help.  I have slept a little more this week knowing the heater is there.  Oh and we slept to 6:04 this morning.  I know...such improvements. 

Tonight Aunt Alli and Uncle Jared finally decided to share the news regarding the gender of their little bundle of joy.  I guess they saved the best for last because they made us wait all day and told everybody else first.  At least that is what I am telling myself....saving the best for last :)  No I am not going to tell you their news but you can read it yourself just click  http://jaredandallisonwesley.blogspot.com/
We are so happy for them and can not wait to meet baby cuz.  Oh and Russ finally knows if he is an Uncle or Aunt.........

Nana fixed us supper which was wonderful as always and on so many levels.  Not only is she an amazing cook my night was less stress, running around and allowed me to put new pictures up.


  1. We put a heater in Avery Claire's room, too. It's helped, but now I worry about it catching on fire! It's not one of the dangerous space heaters, but still...yea for sleeping "late!"

  2. I love the new bedding! And Hudson's new hat is precious!

  3. I am so glad we saved the BEST for last! We watched the video of ya'll finding out about 10 times last night! I am so glad we did it, even if we did drive ya'll crazy all day! That video and memory will always be special to me! And baby girl will love seeing your mouth drop open:)