Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We are still here

After a long hiatus from the blogging world I decided to sacrifice a little sleep to update you on our little world.  We have had an extremely busy summer and things have yet to slow down any.  We love it though and can't wait for all the new busy around the house.  Here is a glimpse at our summer.

Aunt Amy came home TWICE this summer.  We were so excited to see her and have some much need play/quality time.  I personally think this little guy would love having Aunt Amy and Uncle Gabe live ALOT closer....just sayin

We went to the park and fed the geese and ducks.  Hudson wanted to climb the fence and join them in the water. 

We did a lot of swimming at Pop and Nanny's (Hudson has renamed Nana to Nanny)

Got our first John Deere Tractor.  Thanks to Ms. Holly that works with Grandmomma.  By the way this little guy loves his tractor.

Celebrated Uncle Jared's birthday.  Jack and Hudson had a great time playing together.  Jack is only about 6 months older than Hudson and I enjoy watching these two play together. 

Made our annual beach trip.  Last year Hudson was only 4 months and didn't really get into it.  This year sooooo much fun.  He loved the sand and water.  Excuse this Foster side of the family looks.  If you have a toddler you know picture taking session should occur before meal time.  Hudson had ketchup and strawberry milk all over his cute outfit and my white shirt.  We did most of our beach playing in the evening so this was on the way out to play. 

Has learned to be quite the little rough and tumble boy. 

Went to a birthday party at the Oxford Park had a great time at the splash park.  Wish this was closer to home. 

Helped daddy in the hay fields this summer.  He has officially cut and baled hay.  Every little farm boys dream right.  Not sure who loved it more Hudson or his dad. 

Had his first calf.  Check out that hat and upside down glasses.  Both are dad's and had to wear them just like dad. 

Had our first haircut.  Thank you Mike!!!! 

Lots of play time with Faith.  We are sad she had to start big school and is no longer at Aunt Elizabeth's.  I think she and Hudson both have had a hard time adjusting. 

Enjoyed some family time with some very special people.  So glad to see Lauren and Cody and their new addition Sadie. 

Had a wonderful playdate with Avery Claire and can't wait to do it again. 

Has become quite the farm hand.  Hudson may be on the fast track of following in daddy's footsteps.  No we aren't trying to feed Hudson to the cows. 

Has developed the "handsome Hudson" smile.  Isn't this adorable? 

Had our first boat ride.  Not sure if Pop or Hudson is the captain or who is having the most fun. 

Has decided that momma's pots have been sitting in the cabinet unused long enough.  Check out that "Pop" hat.  Pop and Nanny thought Hudson needed a straw hat like Pop....Hudson agrees.

Picked momma flowers.  Such a gentleman.  Excuse the red dixie cup but a momma had to display her flowers proudly. 

Pregnancy update:  Everything is going great.  She will be here officially less than a  month.  Looking forward to spoiling this sweet girl.  Her name is Aubrie Elizabeth

As I type this Hudson is asleep in our bed with some type of virus....fever & vomiting.  I wish these germs would stay away from our little man.  We have a rule at our house that a sick baby should get to sleep with his momma.  Not sure if this makes him feel better or not but it does momma.  Isn't that most important.....momma's peace of mind. 


  1. So glad you are blogging again. Have missed you. Hudson is so cute and growing up so fast. Soon he will be the big brother. I love the name you have chosen for the baby girl. Glad you could use one of Grandma Hudson' names.

  2. Looks like you all have been having fun. I love the picture of Hudson in his overalls. He is so cute! Can't wait to see pics of Aubrie! Excited for you guys.