Friday, October 14, 2011

She's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Aubrie Elizabeth decided to make an even earlier arrival than scheduled. 
Aubrie was born October 5th, weighing in at 8lbs 12oz. 
Here is her sweet and precious face

We got to come home Saturday the 8th...
If any of you remember 6 years ago Russ and I wed on this particular day.  We are so happy that Aubrie decided to join us early and we were able to go home on such a special day. 

Hudson loves her so much.  He has been amazing.
Monday Hudson went to daycare.  As soon as he came home this is who he wanted.  I thought it was to precious not to share.  Momma and Daddy have been demoted.  Now when he wakes up in the night he calls for Aubrie.  Oh and don't be jealous.  I know I look hot ....a hot mess more like it;)


  1. O, I know you so happy she is finally here! She is so pretty! Hudson seems to really love her. How sweet!!!

  2. She is beautiful. I'm so excited for you! Love the pictures of Hudson kissing her. Congratulations!

  3. Hey friend! Hope you all are doing reat. I got a new number and have texted you a few times. Hope you've gotten them! Would love to catch up!