Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Time Fun

Hudson got a sandbox.  We are practicing for our upcoming beach trip.  Think the sand will be a hit.  Did you know sand crawled inside babies clothes and hides in the all sorts of places.  It even makes it way inside of socks.  Its worth it long as baby is happy, smiling and having fun that is until mom is trying to find all the hiding sand. 

Playing with our new sprinkler.  Yes Hudson thought it would be so much fun to spray mom.

First trip to the pool for the year.  Hudson and his dad had a ball.  I had fun watching.  I didn't swim.  Strangest thing happened I have out grown all my swimsuits.  

I love this picture....father/son making the same face and making boat noises

Dare devil. 

Loves to play ball. 

Handsfree corn.  Hudson is so silly.  Loves attention.  Notice the two cups.  He couldn't decide between strawberry or chocolate milk.  So he drank both. 

I love this close up picture.  Hudson is eating a peach.  Loves fruit. 

Russ and I purchased a new camera last night.  We do not see much difference in it than the one we have and the one we purchased last night.  Some pictures on here are from both cameras.  Can you tell a difference?  Anyone with any advice, experience, success and/or disappointments.  I'm looking for real live feedback from people who have used and been happy with their camera...not a sales person.  I don't want to spend a lot or become a professional photographer (we have a great one I love) but I would love to be a "mom photographer". 

Can you believe 2 blogs in one month?  Thanks to Memorial Day (extra day off work), sacrifice of sleep I was able to accomplish all of this ;) 


  1. Hudson looks like he is enjoying his summer. He is such a sweet boy. Thanks for the blog. Love Aunt Joyce

  2. Oh I forgot.Russ's great-great grandmother's name was Mary Elizabeth Agnes Margaret Jane, after all of her aunts so you might find a name in there. After all of those names, she was called Molly. Joyce