Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend fun

Riding with Pop
Have you ever seen an 11month old with such a big heard of cattle and a preferred breed? 
I think dad is taking advantage of "buying cows for Hudson".
But how can you resist such a darling little guy?

Feeding himself pudding with a spoon and his fingers. 


He even cleaned up


The famous spaghetti picture.  Not the big one but its a start.

We thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful weather this past weekend.  Hudson lived outside for the most part Saturday.  We only went in for diaper changes, a nap and to eat.  I think he could get use to the outdoors because ever since he isn't happy unless we are outside.  These pictures include our fun from Saturday.  Things fell apart that night and well he decided it would be a great idea to stay up all night.  Sunday we stayed home and attempted to rest.  Monday we visited the pediatrician for another round of steroids and inhalers.  If you have never had a baby on roids...oh boy you are missing the action.  Praise GOD his cough is better that fact makes the "roid baby" having a attitude bearable.


  1. He is absolutely precious!! And every 11 month old needs his own heard of cattle ;)

  2. Thank you Brandi. Russ completely agrees with you about the cattle.