Wednesday, February 9, 2011

GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!

I have always known the GOD I serve is awesome and has blessed me with so much more than I deserve.  

After 3 years of trying to conceive and 1 1/2 years at the fertility doctor GOD sent me the most precious little boy ever.  Look at his wonderful creation....

My cup runneth over.  I soaked up every bit of my pregnancy with Hudson and every moment of his life. 

To my SURPRISE on February 5th I finally gave into Russ's harping and this was what I found...

I actually took 7 on Saturday and then 1 more on Sunday.  Yes that is 8.  Then on Monday I thought why not 1 more and Tuesday I went to the doctor and was given another test.  I passed all 10 and its official I am PREGNANT again.  We are still in shock and completely surprised.  We are excited and can not wait to meet this little one. You know on the baby's due date and not any earlier. 

Now to the story of finding out.....
First I will start out with this disclaimer......I always thought it would be difficult for us to get pregnant again.  After mounds of test, surgeries, procedures, medicines and trips to Birmingham for 1 1/2 years we finally got pregnant with Hudson.  So I say that and tell this story one because its funny and two I hope we can give positive hope to those of you having a hard time conceiving. It is so worth the wait.   
Anyways.....I am breastfeeding so I have not been having regular cycles since delivering Hudson.  The only one I have had was in December.  I was not alarmed when I did not get one in January.  My OB-GYN Dr. Hudson had told me that things would not return to normal until after I stopped breastfeeding.  So Russ started telling need to take a pregnancy test over and over again.  I kept telling him over and over again...."I'm not pregnant, I would know if I was, Dr. Hudson said..... and not to start that mess with me about taking pregnancy test all the time".  So he would hush for a few days and then start up again.  So after hearing this for weeks Friday I was in Alex City working and ran by Wal-Mart.  I picked up 1 box of the cheapest brand they know to shut Russ up.  I never thought it would turn up positive.  So Saturday morning Hudson and I slept late and Russ was already gone.  I had not told him what I had purchased at Wal-Mart the previous day because he would have had me up at 12:01 am Saturday morning.  Well the first one had two lines but I convinced myself the line was faintly there....well I took another....faintly there again.  I shared the news with Hudson we decided we would go to Dollar General and buy more before sharing the news with dad.  Well I had to call Russ (this is a little TMI but it makes for a funny story) to unstop the commode.  I had been thinking of all the ways to tell him.....waiting until Valentines, getting him a tuna fish sandwich from Subway (what he craved during "our" pregnancy with Hudson) and videoing, going car no no I wasn't crazy about any of my thoughts.   Well back to the the middle of plunging I informed him...."Hey I think we are pregnant again".  Russ looks at me and says "what? and this is the best way you could think to tell me?" My response..."yes darling I thought I would get less of a reaction this way".  He asked to see the 2 test I had taken and informed me the lines are not faintly there they are there in blue you can't miss it.  So Hudson and I venture off to Dollar General and come home with 3 more...all were positive right away.  Before we got home Russ ran right over and told his dad aka Pop.  Then we talked about telling.....I wanted to wait until we had a doctor's appointment, Russ said no, I wanted to buy Hudson a big brother shirt see how long it would take anybody to read it, he said no again, Sunday night...ok agreed upon and we wouldn't tell anybody else until after the doctors appointment. 
We went to Pop (Steve) and Nana's (Gail) on Saturday to visit with Uncle Butch and family.  After everybody left we were talking and Russ asked if the 3 of us was one caught on.  My thought.....I thought we were waiting until Sunday? Then Aunt Alli starts talking about the girly car seat she picked out and how we could switch if we had the opposite sex next time....Russ said well it will be 12 weeks before we find out.  They looked and asked are ya'll pregnant?  See the Sunday before Russ played a joke on them talking and rubbing on my belly and we had assured them I was not pregnant.  The only thing...the joke was on us.  They didn't believe us at first that we were pregnant and that we were only joking the week before.  To make all things equal I had to tell my parents.  Grandmomma (Kay) was visiting Aunt Amy in Mobile for the weekend.  So I called them had Amy put them on speaker phone and we 3 wayed Granddaddy (John) and everybody was in shock and speechless. 
So here we go again......Hudson and this baby will be 1 1/2 years apart.  I went to the doctor yesterday.  They think I am 7 weeks and 6 days along.  We go on the 21st for our first ultrasound and to pinpoint an exact due date.  Due to breastfeeding we aren't 100% on all the details.  Right now my due date stands at September 23rd. 
I have said this 100 times GOD and all those in heaven have been laughing at us the past few weeks at the mounds of people asking us about next baby, if I was pregnant, jokes we played and me telling our plans of when we were going to try for baby #2. 
Wow this is long a long entry......


  1. I'm so excited for y'all! September babies are the best...March babies are pretty sweet too;)!!

  2. Congratulations!! I absolutely cannot imagine how shocked you must have been!! How much fun y'all will have!! I cannot imagine Avery Claire falling asleep in the highchair - that poor baby must have been so tired!

  3. I have been waiting on this post;) We are soooo excited for ya'll! It's gonna be soooo much fun with 3 little ones running around! I can't wait! Love ya'll!!!!

  4. BTW.... I love, love, love that you took a pic of ALL those preg. tests! Hilarious! :)

  5. Congratulations!! That is so exciting and such a funny story!:) And Hudson is such a cutie!

  6. I'm so excited. We are going to have so many babies to spoil and love on. When I saw you at church, not last sunday, but the sunday before, I thought she looks pregnant but I did not know at that time and neither did you. I'm happy for you and all of us.