Monday, April 25, 2011

What we have been up to lately

I know I know.  I am a terrible blogger.  Things have been extremely busy around the Foster house.  I have been busy chasing Hudson around.  He NEVER sits still!!!!!  Hudson is finally sleeping through the night so for the last month I have been sprinting to bed once he gets to sleep.  You know to make up for lost time and also I feel like a mother bear preparing for the winter because October is fast approaching.  I praise GOD for my babies. Here are a few pictures of my super BUSY little man.  So tonight I will make a sacrifice to blog only for you ;)

Hudson's bed has been converted to a toddler bed.  I know I know he is only one and we did this right after his first birthday.  Only with the encouragement of our pediatrician.  I think I have mentioned that Hudson is a climber/jumper.  So we are attempting to save Hudson from hurting himself by escaping out of his baby bed.  Russ and I both had a really hard time with this. 

Got a new carseat.  Still a little much for this mom to handle.  We had been shopping for new shoes.  Check them out.  Just in time for Hudson to start walking. 

Graduated to the big bath tub.  This is a rare occasion so it required a picture.  If you know Hudson you know why its rare.  Not the biggest fan of bath time. 

Is a HUGE fruit eater.  Strawberries from Clanton...YUM!!!!!!

First Easter egg hunt at church. 

First ride on the tractor with dad.  You never know what you might see on our road.  Hudson riding on the gator...maybe a tractor.  Which ever makes him happy....we aim to please around here.  Let me tell you this baby loved his ride.  He now screams his version of tractor but you can tell what he is saying.  He also waves at all the tractors he sees. 

We went to cousin Nick's birthday party at Cheaha Lake.  Hudson had soooo much fun. 

Easter party at daycare.  Strawberries and cantaloupe for this little man.  Have I mentioned what a HUGE fruit eater he is. 

Hudson and I was working on cleaning out some drawers in his room and hanging up clothes Saturday morning.  He found his boots and just had to wear them.  Love it!!!!

Diaper baby, cowboy boots, hat and cow magazine.  I think he is a little farmer already. 

Easter bunny came for a visit. 

Playing with his new toys. 

An attempt at a family Easter picture.  Hudson WILL NOT be still for a solo shot.  My attempt at self-timer with the camera.  Any tips would greatly be appreciated.  Wish I had a tiny ounce of photography skills.  I am clueless.

Easter lunch at MaMaws.  Hudson and his dad playing a little ball. 

Hunting Easter eggs.

Hudson is growing up way too fast.  I am so amazed at how much he changes each day.  He is quite silly.  Hudson keeps us laughing and smiling in amazement with all he does. 

Pregnancy update:
Baby bump is doing great.  Had an appointment today and heard that precious heartbeat.  I am growing at an alarming rate.  Still not telling weight gain....sorry.  I just think there are some things a lady never tells ;) at least not this one.  I am 15 weeks and we will go back May 16th and find out the gender.  Can't believe I get to be a mommy x2.  I am blown a way by Hudson and will tear up and shed a tear in a second with two I may never stop crying.  I am so excited about baby bump and that my babies are going to be slow close in age.  We have no idea about names.  We have put that discussion on hold until we find out the gender.  But don't expect a name anytime soon.  Hudson wasn't name until 2 months before he arrived.


  1. So glad for an update! Didn't get to talk to you guys much Sunday...but I loved a Hudson hug! Glad you're doing great and glad you're all getting to sleep through the night. The big car seat and getting rid of the bottle made me so sad! So far, Avery Claire is not a jumper/climber, so we're sticking to the baby bed for as long as possible! Does Hudson stay in bed?

  2. Glad to finally hear from you. Glad everything is going well! Jonah is a HUGE fruit eater, too. He will choose fruit over candy 9 times out of 10! I'm so glad, too! There are days he doesn't want what we are having for breakfast and wants his fruit.

  3. LOVE the pictures of Hudson!!! He is sooo cute!! Can't wait to find out what Baby Foster will be :)

  4. Hey April! I found your blog through some of the other girls and have been secretly "stalking" it :) Hudson is so cute! I'm so excited to hear that you and Russ are expecting another baby soon! I had my boys close together too and have loved it. They are all so close to each other! I'm also expecting again . . . another boy! That will make 4 little boys for us! Oh, and I'm not planning to share weight gain on my blog either . . . after the first, things seem to happen so much faster! The link to our family blog is if you ever want to check it.