Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Busy weekend

Hudson and I had a busy weekend.  Saturday we were invited to go to Cottontail's with Nana (Gail) and Aunt Allie. 

Hudson had enough of the shopping and he and I had to go out in the lobby.  He ate a little snack, pushed his stroller around, played with his farm animals, played with the fold up chairs and waved at all those passing by.

Picture with the Easter bunny.  Hudson hated...HATED the Easter bunny.  The photographer got Hudson distracted with bubbles.  Hudson looked over his shoulder to see who was holding him and started SCREAMING!!!!  It was quite funny.  Thankfully we already had a great picture so it was over for the little guy. 

Then to Logan's for lunch.  Not another picture mom!!!  Isn't he the cutest little man ever?

Sunday was cousin Addison's baby shower.  Isn't her mom the cutest pregnant person ever?

Having fun at the shower playing peek a boo with Nana (Gail)

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